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The history of Veristrovia from its birth to present day.

  • late 2015 - early 2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our nation's founder, Sawyer Anderson, started dreaming about what it would be like to live in a place of freedom, justice and tranquility for all of its citizens. He began to research what it would take to form a new nation where these principles would form the law of the land. He decided to name this new nation, The Republic of Veristrovia

  • February - March 2016

    Laying the Groundwork

    Sawyer and his advisors worked tirelessly to draft a Declaration of Sovereignty and Constitution for their new nation

  • 24 April 2016

    Veristrovia is Born!

    The citizens of Veristrovia created their Declaration of Sovereignty and seceded from the United States, unanimously ratified their Constitution and elected Sawyer Anderson to the office of King.

  • May 2016

    Seeking International Recognition

    Veristrovia filed an application for membership in the United Nations. The request is currently pending a response from the U.N. Secretary General. Veristrovia was also officially registered as a micronation with the esteemed Micronation Encyclopedia.

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